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dreadlocks shampoo
Scott Reese


Country: US


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alexandra flowerdew
11/04/11 12:06:38AM @alexandra-flowerdew:
Oh and ur pup is freaking adorable!

alexandra flowerdew
11/04/11 12:06:17AM @alexandra-flowerdew:
Well I came to Cali for a guy I met at the rainbow gathering in July. Befor that I was in Utah going to school for massage therapy, and before that I was on tombstone AZ bar tending,which was freaking intense to say the least lol. Where r u at now?

alexandra flowerdew
10/20/11 11:16:40PM @alexandra-flowerdew:
Well Scott!I'm so glad u got some traveling Goin on in ur life, it's a quite amazing experience. Where in Cali were u? And Missula is so rad! I'm glad to hear ur doing ok, I was wondering abt u for quite some time now, I keep remembering the time u surprised me in Moab, lol that was super cool, and I still have the Guitar from tonaskett! My cousins have been using it. And ur puppy sounds awesome, I looove pits! U should post some pics of her. Well my dear friend I shall await for another reply, With love, flower

alexandra flowerdew
10/19/11 12:35:29PM @alexandra-flowerdew:
I live in Cali now, how have u been

Castaway J
10/18/11 01:32:15PM @castaway-j:

welcome to the site!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/18/11 12:43:18PM @soaring-eagle:

alexandra flowerdew
10/18/11 12:16:17PM @alexandra-flowerdew:
I never lived in Logan silly

Mykan Iverson Stevens
07/26/10 05:52:04PM @logan-byars:
hey whats going on brother livin in new orleans huh, hows the dreadin going for ya?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/10 09:39:37PM @soaring-eagle:
on our shops theres an amazing shampoo bar made by a member maylees garden dread soapor u can use the baking soda deep cleanse which is awesome too

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/10 09:18:56PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome but umm why would u use seabreeze or moose?neither 1 is gonna do you any goodwash your hair wash that all out then just keep your hair clean free of gunks hair dreads best when clean when u wash it and dont use any products at all

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