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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Lincolnton, NC
Zipcode: 28092
Country: US

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So today after my shower and a couple of hours zombie movies, I went to the bathroom and realized after checking out my baby dreads in the mirror that a big chunk of loose hair had a fantastic dread forming right in the middle. Yay!! I was so stoked, because that thing definitely wasn't there yesterday. And then I started touching it up at the root. Holy cow, that fatty was FAT. I mean, the section was nearly as big as my wrist. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a fat dread here and there, but I really had to consider the time it would eventually take to get it dry, whether or not it would suck in any more loose hair (with the spot on my head it was in, im sure it would), etc. So after my husbad inspected it and agreed that it may grow too fat, I separated it. And cried. Because it was so beautiful and knotty! :,( the two sections now have beads. And I'm hoping they dread as lovely apart as they were together.
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