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dreadlocks shampoo
Santos Coyote


Location: california
Zipcode: 91340
Country: USA

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What up guys! Just here for the great community, and helpful advice!!!!

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Santos Coyote
@santos-coyote • last year • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on @procrastinat:
"They really shrunk up from what I see!"
Santos Coyote
@santos-coyote • last year • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Hello I’m new to the site.":
"This is me like 7 years ago, with one of my best friends Jon!!!!!"
Santos Coyote
@santos-coyote • last year • comments: 0
Created a new forum topic "Hello I’m new to the site.":
"hello folks! im new/ back to the site, my name is Jeff. I was on here years ago, but got off after I cut my locks. I had them for quite some time. Anyway I..."
Santos Coyote
Santos Coyote
@santos-coyote • last year

Loving my dreads, however my cowlick on the back of my head leaves me with a bald spot, and the top of my head is taking forever to dread up. I guess I’ll keep washing my hair and let it do it’s thing. The cowlick sucks cause it’s making dreads grow in a spiral so one sticks straight up☝🏽😝. Maybe it’s morning dread! Hahahahaha 

Santos Coyote
@santos-coyote • last year
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/18 10:33:09PM @soaring-eagle:


but if you have hard water, beware of using bronners

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