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Salem Haley


Location: Yonkers, NY
Zipcode: 10701
Country: US


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7 months!

By Salem Haley, 2014-03-07

7 wonderful months, the expression on my face couldn't be anymore accurate

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its been awhile

By Salem Haley, 2013-12-17

hey! Its actually been a very long time since I've been on this. (tried to go a couple months with not using technology, only here & there). BUT I am already going on my 5th month of natural free form dreading! last time I was on here it was only 1 month. My hair feels free, I feel great. I always get negative & positive feedback. I've had people tell me to cut off all my hair, I've had people tell me they're just excited to see my progress. I have a bunch of fat big dreads, to little lumpy ones. My hair has shrunk SO MUCH. My hair first starting was almost down my back. Now it is up to my shoulders.Such a big difference. Really have to thank this site for all the information and tips and answers to questions. I'll definitely post some pictures up soon. Also wanna wish everyone a blessed holiday.

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Separating difficulties

By Salem Haley, 2013-09-09
Hey guys! So it hasn't even hit my 2 month mark of my locks. I'm doing it naturally & using the bs & acv wash at least twice every 2 days. While separating I never aggressively pull pieces apart. Sometimes I get scared to even touch them so I've just been letting them rock. But lately now the back of my head is becoming suuuuuper crazy. This one spot has locks all connecting to each other & it looks pretty messy. I do love congos & I wouldn't mind if I had one coming in but this mess in the back is extreme. Is there any methods of separating? Keeping em separated? Or will they just do as they please anyway? Some tips would be great thanks!
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Power of Hair.

By Salem Haley, 2013-08-23

"Until the spiritual power of hair is learned and accepted nobody has a right to tell anyone to cut it. For some locs and beards are a lot more deeper than some fashion trend. It's deeper than the rough and raggedy look. It symbolizes the covenant we have made with the most high."

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few weeks!

By Salem Haley, 2013-08-15

the process is getting exciting all over again

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dreadlock journey part 1.

By Salem Haley, 2013-07-17

I recently got my hair dreaded but with the crochet method. Really wished I came across this website before doing so. After researching and finding helpful tips I've decided to take out the dreads and start over. (dreads are only 3 days old) My hair is still soft so it's coming off very easily. My hair feels suffocated & forced. I want them to feel free the way they should.

very excited to actually begin the natural dreading process!

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