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dreadlocks shampoo
Ross Lewis


Location: Jamison, PA
Zipcode: 18929
Country: US


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Kris Hall
10/08/12 09:11:25PM @michael-stephenson:

aww no way thats sick! forsure well have to get a few brews on the go at some point! Are you liking it being in the poon? its so beautiful out there. and that sounds like the perfect job haha im sure youre enjoying it!

umm I reckon ill be back like mid november, not sure of exactly when yet it depends when my exams finish. cannot wait to be free from study things are so hectic right now!

Kris Hall
09/28/12 06:56:07AM @michael-stephenson:

Sorry its taken me a while to reply! hows the not-so-new-now place going? Hope youre still living the dream :) hows the dreadies going? I am hitting 1 year next month and I cannot believe its been that long! I have been sooo busy with uni lately I am just keen for a four month summer of nothing!! and in rocky it really is nothing hahaha. love n light man!

Kris Hall
07/26/12 02:59:48AM @michael-stephenson:

They are going pretty damn good thanks :) have just uploaded my 9 month photo if you wanna check it out! waiting for the other half of my hair to shrink up n then I reckon theyll be pretty sweet. Hows yours going? Hope things are well with you!

Andy Baird
04/01/12 04:10:41PM @jack-wright:

well beads make it extra heavier. :/ soo i mean its up to you man, eaither way youre dreads are beautiful/.

Kris Hall
02/11/12 10:24:12PM @michael-stephenson:

Aww I'm so slack for photos ay lol fourth months yesterday so will take some in the next few days! haha yeh man I have a few coming together but mine are so skinny anyway they just look normal lol. Haha nope you have the right person, moved up to townsville yesterday living in halls at uni atm its crazy haha. freshers week here I come should be interesting! Hope you're well :)

Kris Hall
01/22/12 11:42:15PM @michael-stephenson:
Okay iPhone autocorrect is a dog excuse the mistakes in that comment haha

Kris Hall
01/22/12 11:39:49PM @michael-stephenson:
Heyy :) not much getting prepared for uni in a couple of weeks so pretty excited about that? How's things? Aww I know I heard sorry I wasnt there I was too busy being hungover at a mates place lol. Defo next time n by then my steadies will be awesome (hopefully) hahaha there coming along slowly but surely! Love wakin up n seeing the changes everyday tho! Need to upload some long overdue 3 month pics but haven't got round to it yet! Hope you're well :)

Kris Hall
12/21/11 02:56:30AM @michael-stephenson:

Yeh just living in Rocky with mum and Rog atm heading to uni in townsville in february though so will be good to have my freedom back again lol.

Aww I'm loving mine so far am going completely natural, just over two months atm so just looking real scruffy right now. But nah I'm happy with how its going, a long way to go still! How old are yours? Your dads not loving the dreads ay haha we saw him in shopping fair on saturday n he told me it just looked like i needed to wash my hair hahaha. I was like umm i did this morning lol

Kris Hall
12/12/11 07:13:38AM @michael-stephenson:

You have indeed haha. No worries :)

Yeh i know small world ay most random place ever to meet ya lol!! Maybe see ya around chrissy then.

N jeez blind isn't even the word hahaha I was receiving multiple drunk phonecalls from mum rog and ur dad telling me how they werent drunk lol was pretty funny!

jessica rainbow
11/17/11 11:34:00PM @storm730:

dreads really suit you

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