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Having issues with my hair type

user image 2019-11-30
By: rissa
Posted in: Hair type

I have very thick and very oily hair. I am wanting to freeform when my hair grows out to about 6-8 inches of hair. But my hair is super oily and thick so it doesn’t tangle easy at all... I need help understanding what my best options are that aren’t unnatural.. I haven’t used harsh chemicals in my hair for over 8-9 months now. I wash my hair with only dr bronners Castile soap hemp rose scented. I’m very natural now. But my hair is still oily most days. I also get bad dandruff too so any advice on that will also help loads! Thanks y’all!  

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/01/19 01:28:42AM @soaring-eagle:

dr bronners cant be used in hard water or it will leave an oily sticky mess

ok, so oily hairs typically too acidic, also, often ovcerwashed to strip oils, which only makes it produce more

so try washing 1 day less often,  try washing hot but rinse ice cold

dont wash every day cause the more you strip the oil away the more the scalp produces

i heard using a thyme tea as an after rinse or spray can help regulate oil production too and normalize it.

you can look to your diet see if thats making your body chemistry too acidic too

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