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By Purkurr, 2012-06-27

This really is an emergency blog post.

I'm dangerously close to comb out my dreads. I have put a lot of conditioner and lavender oil into it and undreaded some of the ends and at least one whole dread.

This is stupid because I myself kind of asked for this. I was stupid enough to ask my mother, what does she think of my hair. And she said that she herself and also some other people have been wondering why I have such a messy hair, which looks like a raven's nest or something. Why would I want to have something like that instead of shiny, straight hair.

And I suppose this started the whole mess.. or something like that. I also became inspired by some old photos.. you know those lovely photos from the 1800 or something with the women with long hair and lovely hairdos and everything. I find something magical in those photos and I'd love to be able to have my hair done in that old style.

Sooo.. here I am. Most of this day I haven been 100 % sure that I will comb these dreads out BUTnow I just saw a picture of a lovely dreadhead and I got confused yet again. Sometimes I think I should just cut all my hair out, because this seems like a battle for me all the time.. more or less.

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