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My BS/ ACV rinse... review.

By: Pixiebird
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I started out the wrong way. I mixed my baking soda and apple cidervinegar together, let that sit, and rinsed. I got a recipe from either on here or the net somewhere, I'm sure I just read it wrong. I found a new recipe and followed his directions. My head was still itching and my husband told me it smelled bad just after a few days of me washing it. I did not use any essential oils although I planned to. I changed the amount of BS and ACV, but still nothing helped. I decided to wash with baby shampoo which is what I did before I dreaded and it was all I had around home that I trusted to use on my hair. (also decided baby shampoo because some of my dreads looked more like braids (TnR), so I knew I needed to loosen them up some. Baby shampoo has a small amount of conditioner) and after I rinsed the baby shampoo out, the water was dark, just plain gross, but my dreads on the other hand felt so soft and healthy. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar did not work out for me. Is this possible or did I do something wrong? All I've seen are good reviews and I use baking soda for a lot of things. I'm getting Dragons Blood Dreadlocks Shampoo BarandHimalayan Pink Sea Salt Sprayon Monday.

03/24/13 01:34:36PM @pixiebird:

I separated them the last time I did it. Just didn't work for me. Next time I need a deep clean though I'm coming back to this post and using this recipe. I've heard all good things about the shampoo and sea salt! XD

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/13 09:13:58PM @soaring-eagle:

u will love the shampoo

when u do bs u do

1 cup bs per 10 cups water

the acv u use veryt lil ahd use it after rinsing out the bs

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