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dreadlocks shampoo
Pepper Rustia


Location: BACOOR
Country: PH

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12/14/10 11:54:42AM @melanie2:

Hi Pepper, thank you for the friendship :) Have a wonderful day!


Pepper Rustia
11/27/10 03:09:07AM @pepper-rustia:
i mean what do you prefer?

Pepper Rustia
11/27/10 03:08:21AM @pepper-rustia:
thanks brother,, so what should i do?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/10 11:26:33AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brothercrochets extremely bad for dreads i hope u dont continue maintaining with crochetthrow away the hook right away!

Ani Leeson
03/29/14 05:20:37PM @ani-leeson:

Hei, Ixchel!

I have almost 2 years letting my hair grow after the method I used for my first set of dread which was a total fail.

I wanna start natural method and since you are around 2 years on it, I would like to know all your experience about it, tips, advices, how you style it for job, etc, etc...

I've seen the pictures of your dread timeline and they are great!

Send you a hug, take care!


Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
05/14/13 08:26:08PM @tyler-chidester:

Funny story for you lxchel. 20 years ago I got to bring my 2 day old son home on Mother's Day, the best gift ever. 3 days prior to that, my husband and I were shopping for gifts for our own mothers. Mine loved to go to the beach, so we were deciding on one of those low beach chairs that can sit in the water or sand. So here we are, in a department store in the evening, hubby told me to try it out and helped me down onto it. It felt fantastic and very comfortable, we decided to buy her that one. I try to get out of the chair and couldn't on my own, just like a beached whale. He laughed his head off and walked away, leaving me flayling in this low chair on the floor. I tried to get up by myself and still could not, he came back in a few minutes, still laughing and helped me out. As we were walking out of the mall, I told him my legs felt like jelly. Low and behold, that struggle in the chair started the process of my labour and I had my son the very next morning. The joke was on him when I had to wake him up at 3 in the morning to go to the hospital..... Just thought I would share this with you.....Peace and all the luck to you...

Eric Blaine Finley
04/19/13 07:33:26PM @eric-blaine-finley:

I did buy the liquid shampoo =] It is making parts of my hair really soft but it is making the roots really dry so I guess I can say it is kind of helpful? With the next pay check I am going to get the pink seas salt spray because the stuff I made here at home is not doing too much for my hair. Thank you for the advice! As soon as this liquid is gone I am going to buy the bar soap =]

Eric Blaine Finley
04/11/13 09:25:33PM @eric-blaine-finley:

That will be an awesome surprise! Congratulations =] Yes, I have had my dreads for one week now. I have not washed them yet. I have gotten them wet twice and each time they have loosened up quite a bit. I am going to buy two products tomorrow from I have narrowed it down to either locking gel or sea salt spray. Which would you suggest? And also, one type of shampoo, either the bar or the liquid. I am not sure which is better though. I feel like my hair is so fragile right now that it wont be able to handle me scrubbing and rinsing liquid shampoo through it.

Eric Blaine Finley
04/10/13 04:51:25PM @eric-blaine-finley:

Hi! Jazzymomma sent me. She said you are on your third pregnancy and so am I! I am not very far along. Are you anxious? Do you know what you are having? Your locks are gorgeous btw.

04/06/13 10:49:58AM @angel-monique-davis:

Sorry to read that you're not feeling well during your pregnancy. Hang in there and in no time you and your family will have a new, beautiful baby to love!

I saw a girl the other day that looked so much like you, for a sec I got kind of confused and thought that she was you. She didn't have dreads but the same strawberry blonde hair colour. Do you know if you have any Swedish relatives, if so you and this girl must have a common ancestor. :-)

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