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Thoughts on grey hair

By Patience, 2013-02-08

I've been very lucky to get into my 40s before the odd grey hair started creeping up on me. Those funny wiry ones that stick out and the ones that are mostly brown but have recently made a few inches of grey growth. I still don't notice them an awful lot but the plan has always been to find a product that would colour just the grey ones a nice golden tone while leaving my natural dark brown as it is. I don't know if they make such a product but that was the plan.

Except I say I don't notice them but actually I mean I didn't notice them because when I photographed my newly happy hair from the side the other day I could see much more grey coming through close to the roots than I ever did just peering into the mirror. No matter how fast I cropped those bits off the photos I now know they're there and that means I'm reaching that dyeing time.

Yet oddly I'm having second thoughts. On one hand I'm seriously not ready to start looking old because I still feel like I did in my 20s. Plus grey hair isn't always a pretty shade of silver and what if it turns out I don't suit the colour it turns into lol

On the other... well on the other I can't really think of a concrete reason not to dye except that it just feels right, now, to let my hair progress naturally in this way just as it is doing in other ways now that I've started this journey.

Thinking more on the subject I'm starting to quite like the idea of my locks becoming a time line over the years with brown at the ends (some of which would probably have originally grown when I was still in my 30s) slowly fading up to grey at the roots at whatever point in the future that may happen.

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