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dreadlocks shampoo
Pam Pomelo


Location: Norwich
Country: GB


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Pam Pomelo

Israel, Zionism and Dreadlocks

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Pam Pomelo

Treasure Trail.... what do you think?

Hello my hairy hippie sisters! I must...
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Chillin in the sun!
Dreads gettin better!
Almost 4 months, whole lotta beads!!
The cathedral in my hometown
More nattiness
Weird ends
Side, 3 months almost


02/12/12 10:03:10AM @craftydangles:

hello there! nice to meet another dreaddy from the south east! hope you don't mind me saying hello its nice to meet more people from england on here!

Jill Martin
02/09/12 10:00:32PM @jill-martin:

so beautiful!

08/09/10 04:42:01PM @cavewoman:
get on and show us your progress girly!!! XDyou've gotta be at at least 6 months by now ya?They probably look awesome!!

07/23/10 06:17:49PM @atom:
Ahh marry me! I love ur locks! And the color is perfect.. Hope mine look half that good in four months!

06/25/10 10:52:58AM @jarandonga:
so cool!

Jessie Carr
06/13/10 02:43:51PM @jessie-carr:
Heeeee! ^_^ happy birthday! =D

Shayna Jackson
06/13/10 12:53:45PM @shayna-jackson:
happy birthday! love the locks :)

06/07/10 07:57:24PM @cavewoman:
awesome =]

Jessie Carr
04/19/10 02:32:21PM @jessie-carr:
Awsome! how thick was your hair before you started dreading? =]

04/16/10 05:21:02PM @zen:
thanks for adding me o red haired one.p&l_zen

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