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Israel, Zionism and Dreadlocks

Pam Pomelo
06/19/10 05:23:04AM
I came to a shocking realisation today.Recently, I've been disgusted at Israel and what they are doing the the Palestinian people. It's probably the biggest political issue for me right now, and I am wholly against Israel as I believe the Palestinian people deserve to have their own land where they can live in peace and freedom just as much as the Israelis do, and the Israelis are treating them like subhuman scum and it's just not right.Now, there's been a lot of talk about Zionism in the news, here's the wikipedia article on Zionism to explain: Lots of people have been calling themselves anti-zionists in relation to Israel, and condemning zionism. I also called myself an anti-zionist, because as far as I understood, Israel are acting the way they are because of zionism.Then I realised, zionism is a HUGE part of the rastafari movement too though, except that zion is Africa and it's about black people, not jewish people.So I thought, wait a second, I love reggae, I love the message, I have dreadlocks, so surely, I'm not an anti-zionist?But if I think it's okay for rastas but not for jews, what am I then? An anti-semite? Of course not... right?What are your views on Israel, brothers and sisters?
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