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user image 2012-06-08
By: Outoftheloop
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About a week ago I posted on how i cut my twists - these days Im really wishing I hadnt done that! What a waste....

So I'm growing my hair for another try, and I will certainly try to stick with it.

in other news, I was recently arrested for Driving while impaired(long story), the police stole 300 dollars from me like fucking dicks! And I gave up my car today, I dontreallyneed it, will miss it tho, its doom was coming anyway.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/08/12 03:49:15AM @soaring-eagle:

yea i kinda noticed so this state of mind typical for you or has this been just the stress of the past few months type thing

well man if you do what u got to do to work things out everything will come together for ya in the end.. so keep that possitivity guiding u foward so u dont succumb to that born to fail negativity that makes u want to give up and throw it all away..

06/08/12 03:35:57AM @outoftheloop:

yeah dude, I was just feeling very low and limited at that moment. What got me pulled over was actually some crazy shit happening between me and my mom, and that is a long story.

However Im looking forward to workin on gettin my life right because my state of mind is justridiculous!

Thanks for the support btw!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/08/12 03:07:12AM @soaring-eagle:

congrats on the child i figured youd regret it and question..impared on what? and are all these thigs related? the cutting the im a shit post and the child and the drinking or drugging that got you pulled over while driving

well let your hair dread itself as it grows (instead of twisting)

everything will start going in the right direction..

it sux u cut it cause u not only lost the month but delayed it more as it regrows

06/08/12 02:52:52AM @outoftheloop:

I also might be having a child....

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