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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Winston Salem, NC
Zipcode: 27103
Country: US

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Frank Schuster
04/05/12 05:42:28PM @frank-schuster:

congrats man, dreads will change your life in a positiv way!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/05/12 05:18:47PM @soaring-eagle:

hope u took out all bands

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/12 11:26:11PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u thinking of starting your dreads/? start off by reading the dreaducation page

Shelli Mullins
07/10/12 07:27:01PM @shelli-mullins:
Thanx for the add...i was excited to see someone from vero

Jessie Carr
02/01/12 12:13:30AM @jessie-carr:

thank for the add me...your lock looking better n face is sweet on.....

mike e
10/26/11 07:42:40PM @ben:

thanks for the add Miss Britt'] God Bless your journey, your locs (& you!) are so pretty']

Michael MacDougall
10/26/11 10:11:40AM @michael-macdougall:
Thanks for the add! That Florida beach water must be amazing!

10/26/11 03:22:31AM @matt5:

thanks for the add pretty lady! and i love your hair! :)

john q lucas
10/23/11 01:23:50PM @coty:

thank you for the friend request! You dreads look fab.

Jenna Wells
10/23/11 11:23:34AM @rudeboy-rasta:

nice locks sistahI. thanks for da add, InI hope to stay in touch


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