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user image 2012-04-04
By: Outoftheloop
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I got off work tonight, pulled 2 dollars from my pocket for a beer, walked half way across the parking lot just to turn around.


Ive only been a raging drunk for the last 5 years, and sure I like it, but I cant stay drunk forever.

However - a smoke would be pretty cool right now.

Tara C
04/05/12 06:23:49PM @tara-c:

That's awesome, congrats :) every little step you take adds up to create huge improvements. Stay strong!

Frank Schuster
04/05/12 05:40:06PM @frank-schuster:

Yeah, stay strong! I haven't touched any alcohol for 6 month now and i feel great.

But like SE said, i can't stand drunk people any more. Alcohol is not cool, its an illusion

and hard to quit cause its so normal for society to get drunk.

pray for you, bro!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/04/12 11:31:46PM @soaring-eagle:

alcohol is a poision u think u like it but its a lie it makes u miserable while convincing u its fun to be miserable

best thi ever did was stop drinking..long ;long long ago

i cant stand alcohol or drunk ppl now

so..congrats..u made a great choice

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