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dreadlocks shampoo
Nick Hersey


Location: Lincoln Park, MI
Zipcode: 48146
Country: US

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Maria B
07/25/11 06:03:44PM @maria-b:

welcome...listen to SE and heed his advice. After all, his babies are 20 yrs old now. Post pictures! peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/11 04:42:07PM @soaring-eagle:

02/01/12 06:20:29PM @nick4:

hello-Yo Iam loving the pics!! Do freeform or twist your dreads

denise iesha alice shannon
12/22/11 12:56:34AM @cindy-lillemo:

Hi Naiima!!! It is me! I just bought the beautiful bracelets from you (after my package finally found me, that is! Ha) I had no idea you were here on the dread site!!!! I am so happy to find you here! Wow! I already knew you were beautiful...but love all your pictures <3 Much love my Sister (((HUGS)))

05/06/11 06:33:59AM @joey:
You and your dreads are stunning. =)

02/27/11 07:02:04PM @terry-fontaine:
I just bought a hat and scarf off your lotus root site on etsy I love them!!! And the personal note was an incredibly, beautiful touch!!! Thanks again. Already got a few compliments on my hat.

01/04/11 05:15:11PM @feedroh:
Kiaora im Ati from aotearoa new zealand jist fort id sae kiaora tena koe in maori which means hope ur well and how are yu in ma native tun maori jah bless love ur dreads were they done the au naturelle way or??

Bob Davison2
12/21/10 12:03:57PM @brandon-tomaselli:
Well sister , i feel me so happy , when i see some sister like you , that is a winner in this world .WAS SO GREAT TO KNEW YOU !YOU CAN BELIVE THIS !THE BEST FOR YOU !KINGSTON LEBLON

Bob Davison2
12/21/10 11:54:30AM @brandon-tomaselli:

You deserve all the compliments that i sent for you muy sister .

Happy cristmas and new year for you muy sister .

Jackie C.
12/21/10 02:33:26AM @spaceace:
Your dreads are beautiful :) bless

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