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A Challenge!

By Nasya L'Bert, 2012-02-28

I've been enjoying my dread-locking journey, and noticing some interesting things about myself. I was quite aware of the fact that I normally play around with my hair but I notice how much it happens. My hands seem to just appear up there and mess around! I have this annoying voice in the back of my mind saying: "They're not dreading fast enough! They are still puffy!", "Maybe should separate these or uhm...", "It's not doing anything!", and "Have they dreaded yet?".

Basically I am being impatient!

While I'm sure it's not doing anything to my dreads, I feel like my arms wouldn't be so tired if I just leave them alone (and my hair can relax lol). Plus my mind will be more at ease if my hands would relax.

SO! My challenge to myself is to touch my hair less! And let them do whatever. And every time I go to touch my hair I will take three slow deep cleansing breaths and be still and stop for a moment.

Maybe you can challenge yourself to forget your hair more often. Or anything else that takes time and patience.

What habits have you learned (or learning) to let go because your dreads?

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