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Dread prison

By: n00dles
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Hi all here is my story.2 weeks ago i decided to force some congos with beads and wraps.Yeah it felt great having some thick ones even though they werent connected yet.Soon I discovered its really a major change to my 11 months old routine.Washing:I was lucky to have my dreads air dry within 3 hours but after congos it doubled to 6 hours. Sleeping:a little discomfort but wasnt that bad. Freedom:Ive never realized how much i like my hair to move all these crazy directions while you naturally move your head.Having less dreads means less move which means less fun for me.Wind blowing your locks is so amazing too and i really missed the good "old" times. Zig Zags:My hair loves to do this. With wraps i felt like I am forcing them in some kind of dread prison.They tried to tell me beacuse my scalp was sore from twisting two squiggle roots wih different shapes into one.This was issue only with few of them whose obviously dont want to became a paralyzed twins.I am tired of this! Not ready mentally nor physically.If i ever consider congos in future I would let it happen naturally without force.Mad respect to all those crazy monstrous congos out there.Peace

the Barrellady
02/18/13 05:16:47PM @the-barrellady:

Nice beads in the photo. Fatter dreads do take longer to dry. If you want fat dreads, you can speed up the drying time by using a micro fiber towel/ Shamwow to suck water out of the dreads. My hair drys so much faster by using this. Cheers.

02/18/13 05:56:52AM @tim5:

All you need to do is, what feels right, and you've done that. Luckily every dread is different and every person is different, it'd be pretty weird if we were all the same. I, personally love fat dreads, that is me, you are you, I love your dreads on you and mine on me, and his on him, and hers on her. Its all perfect, as the sweet Mother intended.

peaceful blessings

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