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This is my second dread journey, currently ten months in on October seven. First time dreading was in 2016, for seven months. When I started my hair was middle of my back, within three months it was shoulder length. I dyed my hair several times and I believe I over maintenanced it. My dreads were too close to my scalp and caused tension sores. I ended up shaving my head and restarted dreads December seventh 2017. I have used the twist and rip and back combing and crochet methods. 

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"Took me a bit to find your comment I added in my intro that I've used twist and rip and back combing and crochet both times but this time I have not done the..."
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/18 01:42:18AM @soaring-eagle:
ps if the crochets tight use the bars till they loosen and maybe use a light aloe or jojoba conditionibg (only pure aloe) to loosen them if they are nt tight then use the liquid...if you do have to looosen them, once they are looser not stiff and start to loop thenn yiu can switch to the liquid which will speed up dreading (i ean tge shampoos from the same site as wax b gone)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/18 01:36:58AM @soaring-eagle:
ok 1st off wax is a scam nd dread killer so you need wax b gone to get the wax out .. nothing else will save your dreads from wax except starting over wax b gone you can gt from crochet is pure dread abuse, it breaks thousands of hairs and 1 use if tight delays or prevents any dreading by 6 months, and takes up to 3 years to lose the siffness and extreme tightness. its best if they are loose (they will never dread when wax is in them, and wax never washes out and traps dirt and water causib dread is a scam and dread killer) once the wax is out just leave them alone wash with a dread shampoo (not acv!!! thats an acid that will disolve a bone enough in 12 hors to tie in a knot) so once the wax is iut then they will be able to dred..use absolutely no products only washing. after you wash seperate as needed while damp.... thats it nothing else... if the crochets not tight you will be ok. as long as you remove the wax

10/01/18 12:01:54AM @mysticstorm:
Took me a bit to find your comment I added in my intro that I've used twist and rip and back combing and crochet both times but this time I have not done the palm rolling that I did last time because my dreads are so short and before they were very long. I did use locking gels the first time that seemed to have very little effectbut this time used a tiny bit of dread wax because my hair is so fine and the dreads cept coming out. But mainly once they were set in, I have just washed weekly with bronners and ACV once a month and separate a lot but leave them alone, also I keep them in a sock a lot and massage my scalp and dreads and expose them to sunlight and wind frequently.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/30/18 10:44:04PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome how were each set started how were they maintained
they do nott need maintenance and the maintenance you were doing would have caused balding
its good you joined us to learn proper dread care for healthy dreads
just wash often and separate, do not force tighten the roots...ever

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