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New beginings

By Myschyf, 2012-08-06
Well it's been one week and one day since I started my dread journey, but not actually. It really started a while ago, when I decided to become a more organic me. I as very sick, and after lots of pain, and finally getting my gallbladder removed, my weight yoyoing, and many many bouts of depresion I knew I needed change. First it started with cutting out the chemicals in my diet, no more soda, or artificial sweeteners. Eating whole foods, not processed garbage laced with preservatives. Then chemicals from everthing lol no more regular deodarent with aluminum dioxide! Then I cut out meat. Eventually somewhere in there I decided I wanted dreads, started letting my eyebrows grow back in (sigh, that's gona take a while, like 10 years of plucking them completely out and drawing them back on) and today I transitioned from vegitarian to vegan. I feel like I'm in a cave, and I'm finally seeing the way out into the sun. I feel better. My mind is clearer than continuously overstimulated with energy drinks and diet pills. I've lost nearly 50 pounds without a diet, just listening to my body and not feeding it trash. I have more energy than I've had since being a teenager. Even in my short time with my dreads i'm finding amazing. This week has been exciting, dissapointing, beautiful, ugly, wonderful and scary, and I cant wait to see what's going to happen next!
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