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By mummy-lou, 2014-08-29

This is my hair (9 weeks and counting)... going natural, 2 attempter own reasons for .

First time round t'n r (about a year ago) but it just didn't feel right so after 3 months or so combed them out just after finding out I was pregnant with my 3rd little lady (laying fast asleep with me in the pic.)

Anyway, letting my hair do exactly what it wants with a lot of separation and soda tea tree rinse, is (for me just perfect. I know everybody has their own reasons for getting dreadlocks, and for myself suffering from anxiety and a health scare when baby no3 was just 6weeks old, this is a way of seeing all the upset and worry be tangled up tight in my hair instead of going round and around in circles in my mind.

going with the natural method as far as I see is by far the best way to go, and ive seen so much progress in such a short space of time.(especially compared to my last pathetic attempt) I have fine straight hair but that so far hasn't seemed to make any difference to their development.

I suppose this is my therapy and a way of moving on and letting go.

So now I can just get on with enjoying all the crazy, wiggly knottiness, But most importantly I can just enjoy my newest little lady and being a mumma to 3 beautiful girls xx

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