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Ya gotta love Vicki!

By Mons, 2013-01-07
I ordered some shampoo bars last week and they came today. In my mailbox is a biggish bubble wrap envelope, with lots of tape. Inside is another envelope, the fiber kind that doesn't tear, sealed in several places with it's own super sticky adhesive. Inside of that is a bundle wrapped in newspaper, and lots of tape. Inside of THAT is 3 awesome shampoo bars and a sample of Nag Champ liquid shampoo. Wrapped in bubble wrap. And tape! It was like unwrapping the best white elephant gift at a holiday party. It was awesome! I got dragon's blood (had it before, loved it), goddess (smells just bitchin) and tea tree/rosemary (smells yummy too) bars.On a side note, I washed yesterday with bs/acv and my loose hair seems much knottier today. Much more tangly! I also changed the order and how much essential oils I use. No itchies at all last night at work or today. Yay me!
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Dreads on tv...Kind of.

By Mons, 2012-12-18
I'm watching the 3rd season of Breaking Bad for the umpteenth time. I just noticed that in one scene of the first episode there is a kid with some seriously badass natural dreads in the background.That's all. Thought I'd share :)
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I have this dreadie..

By Mons, 2012-10-19
That I'm worried about. It's roots seem to be thinning quite a bit. I don't palm roll, twist or mess with it in general. I don't normally keep any decoration on it, although I did have a glass bead on it for a week, I removed it today. It has about an inch or so of loose hair, then the dread begins. At the top of the dreading is a significant amount of root tips/follicle or whatever, the white bits that come out when you pull/tip hair out by the root. This particular dread does move and twist around on its own a lot. I'm fairly concerned it's going to move and twist itself right off my head. It's right at the hairline on the corner of my forehead.It's kind of hard to get a picture of...this is the best I could do. Haha look at all the fly away loose hair! It's hard to tell that it's thinning, but I can feel it and see it.
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