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question for experienced dreadies..

user image 2013-01-06
By: melanie rose
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My hair is very thick and curly, so naturally I'm always looking like a poofball. Not that i dont love my giant puffy knots, but when i havent washed in a few days it gets especially out of control. any specific oils that may help calm my afrodreads? Thanks in advance! :)
02/03/13 08:42:43PM @lull:

I also have thick curly hair and have found that jojoba oil is a godsend at keeping my curly bits actually curly rather than fluffy. Straight haired folks often don't realise just how much infighting goes on between individual strands of curly hair... trying to get them all to go in the own direction and form a cohesive tendril can be a nightmare!

Of course, downside of jojoba is it will prevent dreading. I'm using it that way on purpose for my tips (some of which keep trying to blunt).

Jojoba doesn't make my acne worse either. In fact I use it as a face moisturiser too.

melanie rose
01/06/13 07:53:02PM @melanie-rose:
How often did you wash the first 1-2 months eagle?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/06/13 06:36:53PM @soaring-eagle:

its still a good idea to wash more tho and will help em dresad faster

melanie rose
01/06/13 06:03:07PM @melanie-rose:
Thanks baba ill pick up some tomorrow and let you know how it works :) I never have build up nor does it appear oily. My hair is so coarse I've never needed to wash it much. Thanks again for the tip!

Baba Fats
01/06/13 05:10:57PM @baba-fats:

Jojoba oil is always best. It's the closest oil to what your scalp naturally produces. You could use aloe, but that will condition your locks a bit.

Maybe wash more often?

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