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melanie rose


Location: Plattsburgh, NY
Zipcode: 12901
Country: US


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question for experienced dreadies..

By melanie rose, 2013-01-06
My hair is very thick and curly, so naturally I'm always looking like a poofball. Not that i dont love my giant puffy knots, but when i havent washed in a few days it gets especially out of control. any specific oils that may help calm my afrodreads? Thanks in advance! :)
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beautiful unique flowers

By melanie rose, 2013-01-05
Unfortunately i attended a funeral today; or as i like to call it, a celebration of life. Being the only girl without flat ironed hair, 6 inch heels and pounds of makeup I naturally felt a bit out of place. The stares and snide comments like "can I brush your hair?" added to the negative vibrations I was receiving. "I think they're beautiful" was all i said. I have to admit, it felt good to stand up for my locs. It was then that I realized how much I truly love my locs and no comment or person in the world can change that. To my fellow dreadheads, dread on. You're all beautiful and unique flowers :)
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