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beautiful unique flowers

user image 2013-01-05
By: melanie rose
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Unfortunately i attended a funeral today; or as i like to call it, a celebration of life. Being the only girl without flat ironed hair, 6 inch heels and pounds of makeup I naturally felt a bit out of place. The stares and snide comments like "can I brush your hair?" added to the negative vibrations I was receiving. "I think they're beautiful" was all i said. I have to admit, it felt good to stand up for my locs. It was then that I realized how much I truly love my locs and no comment or person in the world can change that. To my fellow dreadheads, dread on. You're all beautiful and unique flowers :)
melanie rose
01/06/13 04:01:13PM @melanie-rose:
Good point baba. Thank-you :)Ginger, I can definitely relate to that experience.. the clones of the world feel threated by individuality. Such a sad fact of life.Dread on beauties!

01/06/13 07:39:48AM @gingerrose:
I got hard looks and "humph!" noises at the post office the other day, and my hair's not even looking crazy yet (it was for wearing cargo pants, fingerless gloves, and a funky headband - looking baggy and ready for outdoor work I guess). They are just trained to reject what they don't understand... And now with all the "see something say something" ads and wacko violence, people are even less likely to tolerate anything out of the ordinary. We can teach them by doing exactly what you did - being ourselves and not getting mad or offended. By loving ourselves more, and letting that love transfer over onto others who have not yet woken up to the beauty of diversity.

Baba Fats
01/05/13 09:35:53PM @baba-fats:

Also remember that you were at a funeral. I won't recommend saying it out loud, but ask yourself: Why did those women think it would be appropriate to beautify themselves for such a solemn and somber event. Are they trying to pick up guys a funeral?
You were probably the most appropriately dressed woman there

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