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forever grateful

By Mariana Moonbeam, 2012-03-12

hey guys, I just wanted to thank all of you for all the things you post on this great website!

so I've wanted dreadlocks for about two years now and I finally convinced my parents to let me get them. I had done so much research on dreads and found so much valuable information on this site and it really helped me make the decision that dreadlocks were right for me and I would be fullycommittedto them :) I was finally able to convince my parents by making them a PowerPoint full of common dread misconceptions, historical examples of cultures and religions that had dreads, my own personal reasons for why I wanted dreads, and reasons why they should let me get them :) sooo much of my information came straight from you guys and all your posts and discussions and what not so again, thank you!

If it wasn't for you beautiful souls I probably wouldn't be a fellow dreadhead :)

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