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Nearly 5 Months :)

user image 2014-12-23
By: Mariah Mae Stone
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I have had my dreadlocks for five months (in a few days)! I get super excited every time I look in the mirror :) They are changing a lot.

There's two dreads at the base of my neck that have sort of congo'dtogether without me noticing, so it's toolate toseparatethem. It's going to become a very thick dreadlock over time :)

My natural hair color is pretty much completely grown in, but the tips of my dreads are still very blond which caused a really cool affect on the color of my hair. It almost looks like I have highlighted dreads, but they all have some blond and mostly my darker brown color. I used to really hate my brown hair, and I would always dye it when I had regular hair. BUT ever since I've started the dreading process, I've learned to love my natural color. It makes me feel a lot better about myself too.

I'm still washing once a week with Dr. Bronners although I usually go a week and a half before I wash them now. I'm not sure if that is just because I'm more comfortable with my dreads, but I don't feel a need to wash more frequently. My scalp has only been itchy after I first started my dreads. Ever since the first two months have passed I haven't had any problems with that.

Also, I wanted to review the Lock Magic Locking Gel that I have purchased from one of this websites shops. I did get the scented one (I think it was called karma) and I really enjoy the way it smells and the way it makes my hair smell. It has really helped some of my loose hair start to lock together. I have been applying it once a day every few days, and I don't use very much of the product when I apply it. When I get up in the mornings I notice the loose hairs already knotting up where I applied the gel. I am very impressed with it, and I really love the way it makes my hair smell. AND the scent lasts for hours :)

Okay, now I'm just rambling.

Either way, I am so grateful for my experiences throughout my dreadlock journey and all of things I am learning along the way.

~Namaste, free spirits :)

06/13/18 12:58:28PM @yntruoc:
I wanna see them! Mine are at 6

01/20/15 09:04:35AM @sasn:

locking gel? I used to mess around with aloe vera, but it didn't do anything. Now I wash, keep separated and sometimes get some coconut oil for moisture when dried out. U don't need any locking gel

Mariah Mae Stone
12/24/14 10:20:40PM @mariah-mae-stone:

I've been meaning to get some! And thank you :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/23/14 08:17:36PM @soaring-eagle:


but hey if u like the karma gel so much u shhould try thier shampoo too its alot better then bronners and smells so great u will want to wash 5 timjes as much..not cause u need to just cause u want to

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