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Open post for options and suggestions for land!

Castaway J
11/06/12 12:46:14PM

There is already a thread with a great discussion on where we should go too...I figured to help in organization, that for any of those ideas for lands we can set our natty shacks on, post links here!

Preferably this is to narrow options down, providing information on the land being suggested, such as pricing per acre, fertility, landscape, etc!

Were already doing great with suggestions, now we need more info ro make some informed decisions!

also this raising the question of pooling our resources together, like money and donations. also what sort of timeline are we looking at here? should we try to make natty shack real this time next year or so? thinkin out loud here...

anyway, so there are many websites that show land for sale. if you see something you would like to suggest the please share the links here! ALSO this raises the questions of specific property criteria! Exactly what is the minimum acreage that we are searching for, and at what cost? Flat land, hilly, in the woods, or what kind of terrain? - mostly for finding buildings - there is some land with just barns and trailers

throw some suggestions, ill edit and add to top :)

it would be rad if we could win an auction!

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