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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/04/12 04:10:17PM

i8deally in the community i invissiuon thered be many family dwellings that are just living quarters with 1 main central building used for communal purposes this includes

cooking and meals

bathrooms and showers (maybe)

entertainment and communication

office and planning/meeting

ive been researching greeen energy lately i found we can get wind generators for around 700 each which will produce more power then solor from less space but require a min of 8 mph to start up

solar around 2,600 ish for a basic system which wed need several of

next option is wether we want off grid (no oputside power) grind connected (power deficit or surplus comes from or feeds into the grid

or a hybrid where we have grid power to charge the off groid system when green powers not enough

im looking to put together a combo wind/solar system here soon anyways

anyone already off grid or using green energy (self generarted at hiome not from a green energy provider)

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