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So Im moving into week 4-5 and the only maintenance I do is wash with the dread shampoo recommended by everyone on this site ( btw is freaking awesome)

Anyway, my mom tells me last night that my dreads aren't "Right" cuz they don't look like Bob Marley's. Wow Mom, No shit, I'm not a Rastafarian

Then the X-boyfriend says "I told yah" (siding with her) cuz he had dreads. But he's not Caucasian, so my hair texture is completely different. And he waxed and rolled his. However, he ended up shaved his head.

So yeah.... my dreads are messy and there is loose hair everywhere. But I keeping telling them. Its going to take some time for them to mature and I'm not cutting them out. I don't give a flying crap if I do look like a homeless person. It's my freaking hair.

Back to the point.... My Question is....... there is no "Right" way to grow dreads correct?

Can someone please reply and tell me I'm not crazy in my thinking!!

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