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I wish..

By ☮MamaKittyLove, 2012-07-12

I wishthat I could take my family and run away.

We'd run to a forest and live in a tree or to a beautiful field full of flowers. Id love to live in a place where I can lay out and have the sunshine tickle my face and not have to worry about a building covering me in shade.I want to wander the earth barefoot and dance with the wind in my hair.

I feel that I am at a pause in my life because I am not fully happy with how things are going lately. I wish that Anthony loved nature as I do, I wish that he wanted to explore. I wish we could pack up and leave and go live wherever we choose to.I want to take my family to a beautiful place where we can laugh and play, not have a care in the world. I want to see butterflies kiss Aiden's nose and for him to be truly happy. I want to sing on a mountain top and to have not a single car in sight to ruin my vision.

I feel like we're stuck.

Florida seems to be sucking my happiness away.

I hate it here.

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