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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Zipcode: 80920
Country: US


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Dustin Karlson
03/13/12 10:58:57PM @dustin-karlson:

Thank you very much :)

12/27/11 02:26:07PM @foxpaw:
Lisa I miss you!! Hop on chat sooooooon!

12/21/11 01:03:13AM @knottyprincess:

Awwwh thank you Lisa!!!! You too pretty lady! <3 We need to talk more! I miss our convos!

Good Energy
12/02/11 12:22:46PM @good-energy:
Hey lady! Hope all is well! IN ,is.... well Indiana! Ha! Cmon down and visit any time! Love to have ya!

Adam Hylton
11/20/11 01:10:29AM @adam-hylton:

I know right. I think the shrinking stage is done just let it grow, let it grow on and on and on and on......My locks are shorter then yours cus i started my time line from having a buzz cut to now. 11 mo.

tricia michael
11/17/11 07:02:54PM @tricia-michael:

Thanks for the warm welcome :) I really need to get a new camera, so I can post progress pics.I love all the little sections my hair is naturally forming, they haven't knotted yet (except the few little sections I twisted and ripped, and left in cause I liked them) I love the way yours look, going to check out the videos now-have a great evening!

11/16/11 10:40:57AM @fille:

Hey you , tnx for the add, love your new vid ...
And I love your energy and personality. peace

11/13/11 10:54:41PM @lysergicnightshade:

I know, right? I'm about to post some more now, but not explicitly of my dreads. I need to take some more... It's good to hear from you again! I see yours are coming along very nicely.

tricia michael
11/06/11 07:49:07PM @tricia-michael:

thanks for the friend request, that was my first one ;) I look forward to spending more time here, seems like a great group of people

Electric Mama
07/15/11 01:38:03AM @electric-mama:
Hey, how have things been?

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