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user image 2013-03-15
By: Leanne2
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Felt the need, so hear I go. I live in a city. Choked with cruel people, pollution, constant noise, gun shots, fear, rudeness, and immorality. I struggle to teach my children, patients, acceptance, kindness, honesty, and gentleness. I feel I'm losing the battle, as I am barely able to hold myself in check. I dream of a life where I can breath, grow my food, and live in peace with my family. My boys, I have 3, are sweet, and sad. They don't understand why people are so mean. Their words. How do I save my boys, and myself? How do I make life better?

03/16/13 12:53:12AM @gingerrose:
My thoughts: Balance the bad with scattered positive activities or routines, and be a model of how you would like them to handle less-than-ideal situations they will encounter later in life. Talk to someone who grew up in the depression and ask what they did to keep hope and spirits up. It may look bleak, but your inner light can guide you best.

the Barrellady
03/15/13 04:46:54PM @the-barrellady:

Your welcome Leanne, any time.

03/15/13 04:31:43PM @leanne2:

Thank you Barrellady, for your kind and wise words. I am married to a city boy that is blind to the harsh affects of city life. I left him once for the country, and my boys missed their Daddy terribly. So I'm not sure which is worse, no daddy, or the city. For now I will stay. I'll be picking my boys up from school soon, then taking them to the beach. We can detox there. Thank you again for your support.

the Barrellady
03/15/13 03:24:14PM @the-barrellady:

Leanne, I wish life was so easy for everyone. Is there any way you can save up a little money and move to small town USA. Get away from the smog, pollution, and most of the crazy people. Are you a single mother? If so, is there a service that helps find affordable housing for single mothers in your area that could help you find affordable housing in another community?

I live close to a town( in Canada) with a population of 18,000, and they have housing placement.

The best we can do as parents is to teach our own children kindness, honesty, etc and hope that others around them do not cause corruption to our kids. Be strong, and do your best. If you have days you need to rant, do it on here again, lean on us.

Hey members, anyone out there that can help Leanne out? At present she lives in WA.


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