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dreadlocks shampoo
Kristina P


Location: Tacoma, WA
Zipcode: 98446
Country: US


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10 months
10 months
10 months


the Barrellady
06/13/13 02:26:43PM @the-barrellady:

I was looking at your pics taken this year, your dreads are well on their way and doing just fine. You started 8 months ago and put in all this time to grow them. Don't give up, they are so much closer to maturity. Can you imagine what they will look like at the 3 year mark? AWESOME Keep that vision in your head, look to the future and you will get through it all. Don't look in a mirror for a month to study your dreads, if you need to look in a mirror, concentrate on your face only, don't look to the hair at all. If the look is getting you down, then wear a tam when you go out, or loosely tie them up. They are looking great my friend for 8 month old dreads. We do all dread at different speeds, so don't get discourage at all.

If you want them to grow faster, start taking Biotin which stimulates hair growth, seen within 3 months. You can find this in the vitamin section of your local drug store for under $10. Purchase the 6000mcg strength and if you can't find that strength, just add up pills to equal it. I believe Target sells 6000mcg.

Just for the record, I started to dread @ 49 years young.....keep your dream of dreads alive.....peace

justin worm
04/26/13 08:39:53PM @justin-worm:


¯\_(ツ)_/¯  † 
04/19/13 11:02:30PM @¯\_-ツ-_-¯-†-:
Ok thank you for the advice! Last week I started washing them every other day because they started to be itchy. They are definitely loosening up at the roots but for the most part the shaft is staying together pretty well.

the Barrellady
03/28/13 02:47:59PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Kristina, read you comment about waiting 3 years for the dreads you want. When we start them, we should all have a vision of what they will look like in 5 year, That is our goal. Real dreads do not come from a salon. They come with patience, love and growth. If you have that long term vision, you will never be sad on your progress/journey. I say to embrace every step of the way and have fun with them. Mine started with hair almost to my waist, they are now at my shoulders, how sad...but my vision is what gets me through it all.....Peace

01/18/13 12:43:31AM @heather:

Hey! thanks for the lovely compliment:) yours are looking incredible and its happening so fast! yay for you:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/07/12 02:14:25PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome start by reading the dreaducation page

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/07/12 02:14:25PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome start by reading the dreaducation page

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