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1 month crazy frizzy hair. HELP

user image 2013-05-18
By: Kelsey2
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So I have been dreading for almost a month and my hair is just frizzy and crazy in the back... any suggestions on how to tame this? I have thick THICK wavy hair.

:) Thank u

the Barrellady
05/18/13 09:06:04PM @the-barrellady:

Just go for the ride and accept all the changes that will happen. Frizzies will pass soon, then it is looping and shrinking time. It is frizzier back there due to your sleeping on your back, just make sure that the sections don't join onto each other, best to separate them with wet hair-it is thicker and stronger then. The only way to avoid it is if you sleep like a bat hanging upside down. Don't worry though, just one of the stages.....Peace

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