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Karma Jane


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It's Time.

By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04

I think we all know what we need to doIt's time to stop listening to all that's untrueAnd time now to focus on getting a clueOn taking some action that's long overdueWe're using up resources we cannot renewWe're chopping the trees to fewer than fewAnd building on land that forests once grewIt's too late for waiting for some sort of cueI think we all have a vision or some sort of viewOn the vital goals and actions that we must pursueWe must put into play the things we already knewAnd find in ourselves unity to see it all throughThink of all of the land just collecting the dewIn your back yard and your neighbor's yard tooNow think of the dying less fortunate youthIf we could be humble this land could accrueNourishing food from rice to callalooWe could grow hemp for resources tooMake our own paper, and clothing and foodNatural energy, biofuel and shampooThink of what you're eating the next time you chewYou bought it from somewhere or someone, but who?You never can tell unless it came from youIt's much more substantial to eat Ital stewStop listening to "them" and their lies and tabooThey're creating a system about to fall throughMisleading the people with the way they construeThe meaning of life to be the brand of your shoeFooling with their fuckery to try something newLike driving hybrid cars to save up the fuel,But you're still burning up what we cannot renewIt's just another mindfuck they're throwing at youThey say biofuel is the new way to subdueThe destruction they've caused, but let us reviewBiofuel is far from just making it's debutIt was the only source of energy in 1902They've just been able to make money from youBy telling you their developments are all they can doBut if I have ideas to start up anewI'm telling you the government has ideas tooThey wont make any money if we live pure and trueLive the ways of the natives in Africa and PeruHarvest the rivers by hand and canoeGo back to the ways the man tried to undoPeople used to know what they must doUntil the system brought in fuckery to lead them askewAnd killed off all the rest with their military crewLeading people to believe that life is in this concrete zooWhere ignorance and violence is what we're bringin the youth up intoAnd coincidence is blown off as just another dj vuWhere people are divided by the power of the pewAnd have forgotten the beauty of the Caribbean blueBut now its time to be reminded of the natural hueOf the color of the Earth when it's pure and trueCome together not as Christian or Pagan or Jew,But as the people of the Earth knowing what we must do.

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