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dreadlocks shampoo
Kari Shea


Location: Ludington, MI
Zipcode: 49431
Country: US


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Jason Escoffery
02/07/11 08:15:44PM @jason-escoffery:
Blessings for the friend request. One Love!

08/24/10 01:04:07PM @opaulao:
Welcome :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/10 11:09:08AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterso are u going to dread naturaly?glad u joined usnamaste

mike e
03/03/12 03:45:13PM @ben:

Hey lady, we need updates on your progress, lol...Happy day!

mike e
01/12/12 12:47:50PM @ben:

Hey girl, dropping a note to say "hi" & check on your progress...xo

Kristin Karam-Plum
01/07/12 06:12:38PM @kristin-karam-plum:

Thank you so very much! <3

mike e
11/20/11 09:05:27AM @ben:

Oh Good! I'm glad you are pleased! The extra one is a double wrap, you can wear it with just the band and tied at back, wrap the ties around your head twice or use the ties to braid in or wrap a loose pony tail...xo

11/19/11 05:04:01PM @antonia:

Thanks so much for the add! Hope you have a wonderful day! Peace to you

mike e
11/17/11 03:05:04PM @ben:

Mailed'] Priority should get there Saturday! xo

mike e
11/17/11 07:45:56AM @ben:

I saw that!! LOL thank you! I wrote you an Etsy note too, let me know and I will alter if needed & then mail'] xo Chica!

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