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dreadlocks shampoo
09/19/10 09:50:21AM
I was out downtown Montreal last night with my best bud and one of my brothers. My bud is form Irish decent and he had his Irish kilt on I had my Scottish Gunn clan kilt on. The looks we got were funny. I don't know why it is such a big deal when someone wears a kilt. I tell people that ask me questions why do I wear a kilt I answer by asking why do they wear pants. If I had the money to by more kilts I would wear them almost all the time. I just have one and I don't want to wear it out so I wear it once and a while. When some one from any other culture wears traditional clothing yes they do get comments and some attention but they don't get stares or negative comments but when I wear my kilt I do get stares and I get some negative comments. It's like if you are not 'white' and you have different clothing on it's normal but if you are 'white' your just weird if you wear any thing different or maybe it's just Montreal...
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