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dreadlocks shampoo
Joshua O'Connor


Location: kirkaldy, fife
Country: GB


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05/25/10 04:49:06PM @celestine:
haha, that s really a good thing:)well, i thing the loose ends and roots are great:)i love it when dreads are just natural growing..

05/25/10 04:34:45PM @celestine:
yeah i know what you mean..i just cant stand the tension it will cause in the house, so i prefer to wait for a year..that s so nice.they must be a bit mature by now then.great:)

05/25/10 04:28:37PM @celestine:
haha.:Pno, unfortunately not yet..i got this issue with my parents and as long as i stay with em i cant dread my whole head..i only got a single dread in the back..i try be patient.but it long has it been since you started?

05/25/10 04:23:37PM @celestine:
oh that s great..:)i m definately coming there one day..i ll try so this day is in the near future too:Phaha

05/25/10 04:14:33PM @celestine:
that s nice..i "play" the guitar a bit too..:P and i say "play" cause i m self taught and i dont have that much experience yet:Phahai bet Scotland is amazing, i want to get there sometime too..Yeah, Greece is a beautiful country and offers lots and great experience for a visitor..And i m sure you ll gonna love it here in the summer:Phaha

05/25/10 03:57:26PM @celestine:
wow, you re lucky!!holiday??!!!i d love to have some too:P(you play the guitar too?that s nice)i m still at school so this is like the exams at the end of the semester...and it s so difficult to read when the weather s so nice...i live and come from Greece actually:)you?where exactly from the UK?

05/25/10 03:16:18PM @celestine:
haha, glad you did:)fine , i m in the middle of exams period now, really bored...:/what about you?

05/25/10 01:12:03PM @celestine:
hellos mate! thnks a lot for the request and welcome to the site too!!i see we share some taste in music:)

Lonnie Berg
11/10/09 06:19:32PM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Brother and welcome to our Hairy Forum, we're glad you're here, you'll find a lotta very Kynd and helpful folks here so make yourself at home, namaste

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/03/11 09:24:47PM @soaring-eagle:

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