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Jordan Skwarek


Location: Somerset, WI
Zipcode: 54025
Country: US


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"Nothing in life is free"

By Jordan Skwarek, 2010-08-10
I am on the brink of true adulthood. Every decesion I make now will heavily influence the rest of my life.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never had an answer. I've always felt that the American dream wasn't for me. Adulthood has always been a daunting face, staring me down at the end of the road they call childhood. I could never be happy working a 9 to 5 o'clock job just so I could afford a better T.V. and Bigger roof to hide the stars.

I've been recently digging deep and becoming truly who I am. Growing Dreadlocks and facial hair, eating organically, meditating, and being in Nature. This has really scared my father who thankfuly lives seperately from my mother.He is the epitome of a rich sucessful man, yet is one of the most unhappy, lost people I know in life. I truly feel sympathy for him, for I know he is learning the hard lessons in life. The one thing he always seemed to preach was "Nothing in Life is free" Ever since I was a small child I knew that must be a lie, yet could never prove him wrong.

This week, the most amazing knowingness dawned on me. The best things in Life are Free. The Earth can provide everything I need. I decided I am moving to Southern India to Live off the land and Fish from the Ocean. There I can Grow all my own organic food and fish from the sea. At night I can meditate under the stars and moon. At sunrise I will meet the Sunrise with Yoga. For recreation I can Surf the Indian Ocean and be one with Nature. This lifestyle could harbor many exotic animal friends and wise Sadhu Gurus. My Lifestyle will not only be accepted it shall be embraced. I will be living what my dad works 350 days a year just to taste, without working a day in my life. The Best things in life are free.

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