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Jordan Sherwood


Location: Hollywood, FL
Zipcode: 33023
Country: US


Blogs: 1

Hi guys my names Jordan... im cuban and italian i have white people hair... its not too straight hair... but its thin like white people and a little curly... im trying to grow dreads... and people with short hair they get there hair twisted and then let them grow and then keep maintainence (sorry for spelling) on there dreads... now im trying to do this... but i need all the help from you guys.. once i get my hair twisted how can i maintain it.. i try to find videos of people with my hair type but there are mostly black people on youtube with dreads, no im not racist at all lol please help me!! please inbox comment everything you can think of to help me... PRODUCTS also... I REALLY APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH

*Also , i sweat alot im into basketball ... i play alot, so how do i help maintain my dreads to be nice.

*What products are good to keep them smelling good, i do NOT like smelling bad at all .

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