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Holy Moly Changes!

By: Jo
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Life has been full of so many changes lately! And it all stems to my hair. Well in my mind anyways!So I backcombed some dreads. Then I found this site. And reading about all the natural stuff I was a little skeptical. Then I tried it. And it's amazing! And I figure, well, if this natural wash is awesome in my hair, and leaving my hair be to do it thing has worked. I betcha other natural things would work awesome too!So I read the thread about everyones diet, and I think to myself, wow vegetarians seem really healthy. And at this point I just had a baby 4 months ago, so my body is definitely not in it's prime condition right now. And my husband is over weight. We are always tired. And not feeling well. So you know what? there's nothing to lose from eating vegetables right? so a couple of days in to the vegetarian transition, we are feeling awesome! and cant wait to go further into vegan and raw vegan. And another plus, my irritating fake neighbors stopped talking to me. They used to always be like "oh how's the baby?" but like in a really fake tone. And now they just look at me funny and keep walking. Which is nice, because the fake people finally are leaving me alone. And it's nice to filter out the jerks in my life. I've had too many. Don't need anymore.So in my mind, all of this goodness is stemming back to my hair. And it's awesome possom
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