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I think I'm goingto restart...

Jimmy DC
9 years ago
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So after two years and some months of going completely natural, I've decided to restart. I have made many mistakes and have allowed for too many of my dreads to congo together to the point where there is huge congo forming in the back of my head made up of 9 mini dreads, i had allowed three and 4 to get together as they were pretty small, but two others joined and then the two big ones joined together and I have been trying to divide it and it just seems kind of impossible at this point. there's plenty of congos in other spots and I really think i messed up early on, and have been extra annoyed at these last couple really big ones that are constantly forming in the back of my head. My head is also itchy and i feel like ssome of my thicker dreads might havea lot of lint or something in them, and would just like to start again. 

It kinda blows but I think it's the best decision, as I'm still young(turning 20 in october) and want to keep my dreads for a long time regardless. I don't care about the messy stage which was pretty much all of last year, and don't mind going through it again. 
I want to know if you guys could recommend the best way to undo my dreads without having to cut them off. And if anybody has any experience undoing them to let me know if the result was what they wanted, or should i start from zero, meaning a buzzcut. I'm open to suggestions, but would like to get opinions from many of you here to help me decide. Thank you guys

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