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dreadlocks shampoo
Jimmy DC


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So today is my third week of my long journey of natural dreads and well, reading a lot and thinking a lot, and just having conversations with friends(notspecificallyabout dreads, but life, faith, religion, spirituality). I finally realized that my dreads will just happen and that time really isrelativeand we all just need to be ourselves and live for what we believe is right. As a Christian I believe my purpose in earth is to glorify God and I want to achieve that through changing the world and making it a better place, and my slowly growing dreads will be part of my journey. We, humans, were made for worship and its something that is inside us all and I read about it today in a book, which i would recommend to anybody, the Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler. Even though the book is made for Christians who want to keep growing, there are many points that I believe not only Christians would agree on but anybody. Right now I'm just blurting out my mind and I hope everybody feels what I'm saying and maybe it could brighten up somebody's day because I feel and believe that Jesus Christ is with me and that he is there for anybody who accepts him and that even in the toughest of times he is there with you and I. Even if we have discouragement or doubt in our life that discouragement or doubt were made by our own choice and that we can as well choose to keep believing in our faith instead of doubting or choosing joy instead of feeling discouraged. Life is good. I actually just wanted to say that I got a job interview at Subway which is literally in front of where I live and I was worried about my head bcuz its starting to look a bit messy, but the manager likes me and my friends because we go to Subway at least once a week. So yeah hopefully I'll get that job which will help me be able to afford college and that I'll keep strong on my journey and faith, and that even in the worst of moments it will always be better at the end of times. So just wanted to share with you guys, I would really appreciate prayers and just good vibes and I'll try to get photo timeline of my hair. I'll post the first pictures when I hit three months. Peace to all of you.

Really random question for anybody that reads this. I was thinking about mixing some of the lockin up liquids shampoo with some baking soda method wash, just to get a little of that baking soda in there. So my question would be is that gonna be a bad mix or should that be alright?

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Today was the first time in three days ive washed my hair. I started the natural locking method a 3 days ago and my head was getting itchy, so i decided to give it a try. I used 1/3 of a cup of baking soda and a Tbs of sea salt with aprox one gallon of water and allow it to work its magic for 10-15 mins. After rinsing it out i used two cap fulls of the acv and mixed it with water and used it on my head, after 3-4 mins i rinsed it out. Hopefully i am doing it the right way and my hair will start locking. At least i felt great afterwards. Wish me luck and i'll keep my blog updated to record my journey.
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Shampoo help

By Jimmy DC, 2013-03-28

Hey everyone,

I just decided to start natural dreadlocks, but I dont want to mess up so I don't know if I can use the shampoo I have at home its suave Natural Shampoo, tropical coconut it says it has vitamin E. Because I'm new to this I'm a bit iffy about using it, here's the link

It has all the ingredients in there

I am planning on buying the Locking Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Dragons Blood. What is all your opinions, should I use that coconut shampoo until i order the Dragons blood one, and is that the best starter shampoo out there?

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Help please

By Jimmy DC, 2012-02-22

Yo i want some help on this dreading process, I am ofHispanicheritage with curly hair about 4 inches long and i have no dread experience but i was thinking on travelling and thought this type of hair would fit my experience, I am 16 years old .So i was thinking on doing the backcombing process but some ppl said i shuld go natural but idk, I wanna know which one is better quality and how long it takes for the process. Thank you for the help

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