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I <3 my dreads

By: Jen
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Sooo soo so so. I have this one dread on top of my head, kinda comes down by my face... and this mofo is really starting to shape up!! even the part that LOOKS like loose hair is actually quite firm to the touch, it has a more mature "inner dready area" but the thing as a whole is starting to get more uniform and dread like. IM SO HAPPY. even though i look like a giant fuzzball i dont really give a shit, even though im in college at a redneck school i still dont give a shit. im proud. i have loose hairs flying all over, sticking strait up, some people may think im dirty but i know something they dont know. I'm on a JOURNEY. thats a hell of a lot more than they're doing. im not dissing regular hair, simply stating that most of my haters are shallow losers. :) I see no shame in my dreads all coated in fuzz so thick it just looks like a rats nest. shit, thats the fun part of the process. i mean, i feel like its really developed my self confidence. Like i have a little hairy shield on my head. i feel, awesome.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/12 07:55:50PM @soaring-eagle:

love it yea dreads do act like a sheild

they make u powerful but dont give u superpowres so dont try stoppo[ing a runaway bus or catching a crashing plane or anything like that

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