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Changing Old Habits

user image 2013-04-16
By: JavaLizard
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So I noticed this week, which is finishing the fifth week of dreading, that one side of my head just doesn't look right. The rest of my head appears to be dreadding quite well, but then there is that right side. Turns out I do not sleep on my right side much at all.

So how do you change your sleep habits to help dreading? I don't mind waking up to bed dread, but this past week one side just appears to be getting limp and gimpy.

Anyone else experience this, what things have you done to try to change perhaps another habit that has encouraged and discouraged dreading?

04/21/13 11:37:21AM @javalizard:

I would love to sleep on my right side, but I can't sleep facing my wife and she won't switch sides. lol

I have found the dreads I mess with the most are actually further along than the ones I don't.

After a work out and sweat my head is a little itchy so I gently rub my head... this is bad, wet dreads and rubbing, I look like chewbacca in a bad way after this.

04/16/13 06:33:39AM @kato:
hey there, i have fatter dreads on one side because its the side i sleep on and more hairs get tangeled as they rub on my pillow. i changed which side of the bed i slept on for a while, this stopped me sleeping on that one side because i dont like facing my husband while i sleep! dont know if that helps or not!you could try putting something under one side of your matress so its uncomfortable to sleep on that side?

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