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ode to whateverness.

user image 2009-10-14
By: jasmine jenae.
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there's smoke in the air,so ofcourse im still going..there's a will & a way but you dont know where it's going.i should be working on homework.fuckthat, writing like this is the homework of the soul.there is no higher schooling, than having an open mind.i miss the way it used to feel,when everyone was fearless & innoccent..wait, when was that?it gets hazier with the days going by,and besides...the past is in the past...right?i want to grow myhair long enough to reach the world.i want to sieze the day, and the next one,and i want to do it with a comforting weight...the crazy's woven crown.this world looks so much better if you learn to look at it before you let it let you down.what do i mean?who knows, figure it out for yourself.there's no rest for the wickedand i havent absorbed it in days.i drift behind closed eye lids,but then cant ever completely fall away.whatever it is.where ever we are.i wonder if you really ever see me when you're looking here.wait, are you looking here? high,& in flight,my soul is just fine living the next few months on a pipe dream.until i'd like you to let me scream.ignore i become more myself,you become someone else...but atleast we're doing something..><</body>
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