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jasmine jenae.


Location: Lafayette, IN
Zipcode: 47901
Country: US


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jasmine jenae.


what is
@jasmine jenae. 12 years ago - Comments: 5

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me & my kiddo.
dreads + weirdo bling.
i dont like the cold, but i like the hats.
dia de les muertas, 2010.
argh, dreads!
crazy lady.
me & my goddess.
july 2010.
i <3 my cap.


Papaver Somniferum
03/24/11 01:44:18PM @papaver-somniferum:

Nice to meet you.


Good Energy
04/13/10 02:43:08AM @good-energy:
Adorable lil man. You look happy in your pics. Hope life will treat ya well in OR. I would like to go up there someday. i have a friend who co-owns a tree farm somewhere up there. She loves it. Love and light--peace

Roger Firedodger
03/25/10 12:03:46AM @roger-firedodger:
may you heal quickly and painlessly.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/05/10 06:32:02PM @soaring-eagle:
how did u break yyour leg are you okin pain?ope u get better sooni know it can take awilehugs

dreadfully odd
02/24/10 03:03:57PM @dreadfully-odd:
hey there, from one slightly odd to another 8) ta very much for the addxx like yur pics-your son looks real cute...

Dready Bear
02/04/10 09:53:35PM @dready-bear:
thank you for the kind compliment! my style gets me some strange looks but what can ya do but be you? right? ^_^

kayla barker
01/05/10 09:59:21PM @kayla-barker:
thanks:) i plan on getting a better onelove & light

hippie mama
10/21/09 08:09:58AM @hippie-mama:
how far is lafayette from lowell? thats where we are going to be moving next year.

kayla barker
10/18/09 11:16:27AM @kayla-barker:
thank you :)

10/17/09 05:04:26PM @heath:
Living life one crazy day to the next.

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