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Jasmin Tea


Location: Nelson, British Columbia
Country: CA


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12/29/11 12:35:49PM @janice:

Welcome! I would suspect many folks in Nelson have dreads...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/24/11 12:08:06PM @soaring-eagle:

03/22/11 02:10:56AM @zak:
Glad to hear your doing well brother!!!!! COngrats on the degree!! Im happy for you!!!

02/05/11 11:18:33PM @zak:
im doing well thankyou!! How about you??

12/22/10 10:43:12PM @feedroh:
Heya bro Aotearoa new zealand is fine bro every bodi getin nitu the xmas spirit but sm for get the true purpose for xmas its the day jesus was born and not about sants and prezzies but i guess thats how our world is these days awell wun well wake up anyway bro its kool over here nice and hot weather and swiming tym has arived nice tu hear frm bro uhava good xmas bro take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/20/10 05:51:07PM @feedroh:

Nice pikkture bakground on ur page bro is that a majic musshy hes holding lol nice!!!!!!

12/20/10 05:49:44PM @feedroh:

Kiaora bro thanx for the add aye bro u got nice dreads bro mauriora!!!!!!!

Mikal Hardin
11/14/10 12:37:48AM @benny:
Hello Bredren....thanks for reahing out! I'm doing well how are you?

11/05/10 11:26:24PM @becca-casto:
haha being constructive is always a upper...aurora (my youngest) was a bumble bee..(recycled luna's (the older one) from the year before) this yr she was a goth faerie (or scary faerie as she called it ), which she picked out her was quite entertaining watching her at the thrift store...

11/03/10 01:39:26PM @becca-casto:
yea we definitely do halloween...its one of my most looked forward to days...any reason to dress up right. unfortunately one of my little ladys was getting sick on sunday so our evening got cut short....sorry to hear things arent the best w/ u...anything i could do to help cleanse your life of bummed-out-ness??

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