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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Denver, CO
Zipcode: 80209
Country: US

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jara 2 11 056


02/22/10 12:53:07PM @jara:
I don't like clothes either

02/22/10 12:49:44PM @jara:
me too. I hate winter. I want sunshine

Lonnie Berg
02/22/10 12:39:56PM @lonnie-berg:
I've been warmer for sure, just not a winter person. Can't wait for warmer weather, I dont like wearing clothes

02/22/10 12:31:29PM @jara:
and you as well. are you staying warm?

Lonnie Berg
02/22/10 12:25:39PM @lonnie-berg:
Good day to you my Sweet friend, Love

02/22/10 10:54:34AM @jara:
I'm trying to fine a podcast of trance music. I've never been to a live show but it would seem to be very meditative music style

02/22/10 08:59:36AM @illumiknotty:
heyyy saw you joined my new group. what kind of psytrance do you listen to?

Lonnie Berg
02/22/10 01:01:51AM @lonnie-berg:
Love, Love, Love

Lonnie Berg
02/22/10 12:49:28AM @lonnie-berg:
Thank You Sweet One, I'm honored

Lonnie Berg
02/21/10 11:56:00PM @lonnie-berg:
Welcome My Sweet Friend, so glad our paths have crossed once again. There's a lotta kynd folks here and if ya need anything just ask.You sure you're not following me?

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